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This exciting new youth program is an amalgamation of Youth Group activities and the Church Catechism, Teachings and Tradition. We will be meeting on Sunday nights from 5:45-7:30. We will be meeting and teaching like Jesus did: in small groups. In addition to small group activities we will be offering large group activities like community service projects, spiritual formation like Adoration, and of course fun activities like bowling and pizza parties.

Through a variety of activities our goal is to send our teens out into the world as true Disciples of Christ, cemented in their faith. There is so much more to YDisciple than we can write about here. Please come and see for yourself how we are going to help our youth achieve True Discipleship. We are currently looking for adult Mentors to help us achieve these goals.

To View an informational video on the YDisciple official website, CLICK HERE.


Point of Contact:

Stephanie Bland
Email Stephanie about the YDisciple Youth Ministry